Friday, August 27, 2010

ATL Promoters

I've been promoting parties for over 6 years in Atlanta. It's been an interesting run thus far. I've had some great moments. I can't complain. This is a great way to earn a living. The buzz around the city is that the ATL party scene isn't what it use to be. There are a few reasons why. Let's examine it:

1) Violence: The clubs began closing early a few years ago due to the Buckhead shooting outside of Chaos (no pun intended). There were other incidents as well such as the Buckhead murders that Ray Lewis found himself connected to. Essentially there was too much ignorance going on near old money so change was inevitable. The clubs began closing at 3am rather than 4am and very quickly the Buckhead club district came to an end.

2) Social Networking: When myspace's popularity took off it soon made many people feel like they could be promoters. If you had 5,000 friends you could throw a party too, right? Wrong! Ultimately too many parties and in turn too many clubs have saturated the market. If you spread too many people out what you end up creating are MANY WACK PARTIES. Somehow promotions seems to be the next best thing to sports and music in many people's books. It's not as glamorous as it seems and definitely not as easy as many think.

3) The Casual Promoter: In most businesses everyone shares the same goal ... money. If you enter into business it's to make a profit, right? Furthermore, as an entrepreneur it should be your ultimate goal to become self-sufficient from your business, right? Wrong! That doesn't seem to be the case with many Atlanta promoters. Almost all promoters are men and it seems like popularity and p#ssy are good enough perks rather than profit for these grown man story tellers #drakeReference. You'd be surprised how many promoters are FRONTING HARD. Now as a consumer one might say, "how does this affect the quality of the parties I attend?" I've even seen consumers say these promoters that don't charge "get it" and that these promoters "understand the economy." WRONG! As promoters we have expenses (security, deejays, hosts, advertising, flyers, sound, staff, photography, etc.) that must be paid each night. When promoters cannot make revenue at the door it reduces the quality of (security, deejays, hosts, advertising, flyers, sound, staff, photography, etc.) that we hire. Do you get my point? Ultimately what seems good at first will water down the quality of the product. Have you been to Miami, LA, NY or Vegas? Their parties are bananas! Do you know why? It's because people pay for the product. As my father always says, "cheap thing no good ... good thing no cheap."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Atlanta Women

This is my first official blog post on this site so I'm warning you in ADVANCE that I say the realness. Some of this might rub some of you the wrong way and may even cause you to hate me. Oh well! Here we go!

I'm sitting in the airport in NYC as I write this. After a trip to NY --> DR --> NY and now heading back to Atlanta I've noticed some drastic differences between women in Atlanta and NY especially. First, let me say this, Atlanta has some of the most beautiful women who are easy to talk to. You all are pretty amiable, BUT it's time to step your game up. First please understand that the standard for "thick" in the south does not persist up north. If you got dimples, stretch marks and dents all over chances are you're fat! If your size exceeds a 10 you're fat! If you wear spanks you're fat! If you can't show off your stomach you're fat! If you can't wear a two piece bikini without fat spilling all over the place you're fat! Please stop saying you're thick. Go get your BMI done and go see a doctor and I'll bet they'll tell you it's unhealthy. The gym is not an evil place. Treat it like a shrine and go there everyday to get BETTER & watch what you put in your mouths! Food was not designed to be for pleasure. You should pay attention what you put into your body. Okay, now that I've said my say about the physical aspect let's talk about the mentality.

Men don't owe you anything. The ratio is stupid in Atlanta and if you do anything of any acclaim it's only crazier. These women that are looking to be taken care of are worthless. Seriously! If you're going to the club chasing ballas, athletes, dope boys, etc. #KILLYASELF. You might find a sucker and truly come up, but the chances are slim and a man of any kind of substance does not respect you. If you want to impress a guy show him that you're an asset not a set of ass and tities.