Friday, October 22, 2010

Lying On Your Dicks!

For as long as I can remember when you kick it with the homies and females come up your boys always say, "man I put it on her!" Now if you travel in similar circles as the female in question sometimes you hear conflicting reviews. She might say, "waste of time!" So then you have to say, "STOP lying on your dick!" Fellas I wrote this one for you ... PAY ATTENTION. First and foremost don't ever ask a female how it was or if she came. You'll be able to tell by how she responds afterwards. As Richard Pryor once said, "if she ain't sleeping you got some more fucking to do." If that doesn't answer the question it's quite easy to tell if you were wack or not. Just PAY ATTENTION! If she calls or texts you the next day after your first sexual encounter and she says, "hey you" or "thinking about you" you DID THE DAMN THING. However, if you do not receive a call and you have to her hit her up and her response is something like "hey can I call you back?" WACK! If she says, "sorry I haven't hit you back. I've been busy." WACK! Trust me homie she's talking bad about you. To her girls she's like, "what a waste of time" or "so disappointed." I ain't lying! You heard it here first. Brief and to the point, but I'm just telling the truth. Until next time ...

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  1. CHURCH!.. and Richard Pryor couldn't have put it any better. Period.