Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chicks Be Lying!

Yeah you heard me right. I know it's not proper English. I know it's Ebonics, but it's the truth. Chicks be lying! I've been around the block ... a few times and I've noticed some things along the way. There are a few lies that all women seem to tell OR maybe every woman I've ever met ALL have so much in common. I'll go with the former not the latter.

1) You have all had the same range of sex partners! Really? Damn near every woman claims they can count the number of guys they've been with on their hands. Usually they like to say 6. They'll say something like, "I've had 5 boyfriends and 1 guy I use to talk to in college." Blah! I don't believe you!

2) It's been six months since I've had sex. Really? Trevor wasn't over here last night blowing your back out? Once again I don't believe you. So you want to give me some within days of knowing me, but you've been holding out for months? I must be special. NOPE!

Okay, so you're probably thinking "why is he bashing women?" I'm not. See it's always deeper than the surface. Women lie because they don't want to be perceived a certain way. Which way is that? They don't want to be perceived as promiscuous or more bluntly a hoe. She won't tell you that she's been with 43 guys and just this past Tuesday she got a little tipsy and had a one nighter with this dude who's name she can't remember. She won't tell you that because you'll judge her. I bet you that YOU have done the same (you being my male readers), but your value as a man is no less. See women marry men who's numbers are through the roof all the time. We're not labeled anything negative. As a matter of fact we're looked up to. We're playboys, pimps, playas, etc. We're heroes! The dude that smashes the baddest chicks in the clique is envied. So ladies I'm not mad at you if you're lying about your numbers or your frequency of sex, but I'd respect you more if you were fearless enough to not care what people thought of you. My reality is that I respect people who do them and are proud to say so.

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